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My aim is to bring about a psychic state in which my patient begins to experiment with his own nature – a state of fluidity, change, and growth where nothing is eternally fixed and hopelessly petrified.  Carl Jung

The premise of Jungian Analysis is that your symptoms and suffering can be messages from your psyche to spark transformation. Jungian Analysis was developed by the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. Today, Jung's pathbreaking work has evolved into the field of Analytical Psychology. 

Our psyche has an unconscious aspect, which contains knowledge about ourselves and our cultures that we don't know, we don't know. Using dream work, creativity, dialogue, and active imagination, we activate the psyche's self-healing capacities and foster a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. Our goal is to awaken your inner resources.


When we become more conscious of unconscious aspects of ourselves, we have more resources and fresh perspectives to modern-day challenges. The goal of Jungian Analysis extends beyond symptom relief and behavioural change, though that is an aspect of it. Jungian Analysts, therefore, emphasize understanding the meaning of suffering rather than pathologizing it while still holding a clinical perspective, when necessary. Often, a crisis is a starting point for true transformation. 

What is a Jungian Analyst? 


Jungian Analysts are mental health professionals who primarily work with the depth psychological approach described above. They have one of the most intensive training requirements of all mental health practitioners. Training includes theoretical modules in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and Jungian psychology. It also involves hundreds of hours of supervision, personal therapy, and internships in psychiatric hospitals. 

How I work

As many studies confirm, the most important factor for a fruitful therapeutic collaboration is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client, between you and me. In a space of trust, where everything is welcomed, and nothing is forced, we begin our process. 


Sessions can be held in person in Zurich or online via Zoom. I have experience working with clients from various parts of the world. To begin, you can book a free 25-minute introductory call, during which we can discuss your journey, address any questions, and discuss fees. I offer a sliding scale when necessary to accommodate different financial situations. Please send me a message in the chat box to get started. 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. 

                                                                                                  Carl Jung 


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As Jung said, the risk of not making our unconscious conscious is like succumbing to what feels like fate. However, a conscious, intentional life is not only possible, but it can also lead to profound personal growth and self-discovery. 


I take an integral approach to Jungian Analysis, empowering clients to navigate their own therapeutic journey. While my therapeutic vision is centred around meaning, there are days when all a client needs is help to get through the day. And there are days when they might want to map out their childhood and connect with their inner child. I provide a safe space for whatever is happening in the moment, without rigid ideas about what should happen. I consider the mind, body, emotions and the quest for meaning in the therapy room, adapting to each client's unique needs. 


Carl Jung described a lifelong growth process called individuation, which is the pursuit of wholeness and integration. It's neither about individualism nor perfection. As Jung said, wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being but by integrating the opposites within. This is a radical approach to understanding inner, interpersonal, and political conflicts. Individuation represents an ongoing process of transformation and self-discovery.

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