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Many clients approach me for therapy because of my specialization in the Enneagram. They find that it helps them to seen in a way that they don’t need to explain everything about themselves. And often, that’s when the real work begins where we look at your unique potential. Most people are seeking help that precisely addresses their complexes, unconscious fears, and motivations. People can sometimes spend years in therapy talking, seeking, and grasping for direction yet miss the core issues that run their life. The Enneagram can help give direction and speed the process up.


 The Enneagram is best understood as a precise and dynamic map of archetypal ego-patterns. When you learn how to recognize these patterns as they arise, you can experience long-term, sustainable growth. Stanford Medical School Professor Late Dr. David Daniels elaborated on the neurobiological basis for the Enneagram - that the brain can be retrained once we can recognize and observe our patterns. 


I use the Enneagram to help identify your hidden defense mechanisms, unconscious motivations, and fears, that are in the way of what you can become. My own journey with this system started twelve years ago and I still keep discovering new layers of gifts and challenges. 


Consulting with the Enneagram, Enneagram in Business, Dublin, 2018

Leadership and the Enneagram, Train the trainer program, Enneagram in Business, 2017, Helsinki

Coaching with the Enneagram and NLP, Tom Condon, Amsterdam, 2018

Enneagram Professional Training Program, (Narrative Tradition) , California, 2013 

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