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I know people heal by being able to tell the story – the whole story. 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes 


Who I am

I am a trauma-informed Jungian Analyst (in training) with experience working with people with diverse backgrounds from across the globe. 


I am rooted in the depth psychological (Jungian) approach and have trained in several modalities, including the Enneagram, and mindfulness. I work in person in my practice in the heart of Zurich as well as online on Zoom.  My practice is an inclusive and safe space. To learn more about me, go here. To learn more about Jungian Analysis, go here. To contact me, email me at to book a free 25-minute discovery call. 

Feel free to leave a message or a question for me in the chat box. 

My approach

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness. Peter A. Levine 


The first thing I want you to know is that I welcome all of you in my practice - your weird thoughts, strange feelings and deep rage, as much as the part of you that wants to heal and grow. Radical Acceptance is essential to the therapeutic process. 

Typically we would see each other once a week for 60 minutes in person in Zurich or on Zoom. This is your space. You can share as much as you want without fear of judgement. We might spend some time doing simple body/breath based practices that help calm your nervous system and get in touch with your intuition.


I use a holistic approach integrating a thorough understanding of clinical concerns with the soulful approach of depth psychology and the wisdom of the body.  I consider your present situation, unconscious mind, family history, younger parts of you and your dreams in the healing process. Jungian Analysis is a complementary approach to mental health recovery and is not meant as a substitute for psychiatric care. If you are based in Zurich, I may be able to work with you in collaboration with a psychiatrist if that's needed. 


You can reach out to me if what you have read so far speaks to you and/or for support with:  

Anxiety and depression 

Issues around motherhood, pregnancy and birth

Creativity and the artistic process

Intergenerational trauma 

Race and cultural issues (third culture people, racial trauma, BIPOC experiences, navigating privilege etc)

Building a positive relationship with your femininity and body

Finding your purpose and identity 



Life transitions such a divorce

Relationship issues 


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